Dr. Paul Nassif and Soraya get a Facelift by Dr. Andrew Jacono


My transition from obesity to healthy eating and weight loss has been incredible.
It’s amazing to be in this space. One thing that I wasn’t considering would be the amount of loose skin in my face and body from maintained weight loss.
I look good and feel fabulous, however when the clothes came off, ouch!
Plus my face was droopy.
My insides were shiny and clean.
My outside looked aged and tired.
I was still a young person in my new body and I wanted the outside to match my inner vigor!
One other factor in my weight loss of 80 lbs. was that I attained a diva named Soraya Sobreidad!
Yes, I discovered that I am a woman!
My efforts to get my GPS on the right track for the first time in my life was to not only address my food addiction and recovery, but to resolve the excess skin on my face.
I wanted to become “pretty!”
This is when I came to Dr. Andrew Jacono.
I had a facelift, neck lift, lower blepharoplasty , bi lateral brow lift and fat transfer.
The procedure from Dr. Jacono “gifted back” the twenty years or so I spent in destructive overeating.
The start of a new life.
Step by step on my rainbow colored brick road, I came to the land of Sobreidad. There I became a healthy, sober diva by the name of Soraya.
Here I explain the process of my surgery and recovery. As well as the hinting to becoming the full fledged Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking, Soraya Sobreidad.
Dr. Paul Nassif and I have the same taste in surgeons. He too went to Dr. Andrew Jacono to have his face rejuvenated. I do plan on going back to Dr. Jacono. Since my first face lift in 2015, I have had feminization of my cranium.
A touch up to the feminization of my soft tissue is in order.

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