Facial Feminization Surgery Facial Team vs. Dr. James Bradley

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Team vs.. Dr. James Bradley.

Holas all!

In 2015 I started considering a deeper sense of desire to transition for male to female.

I started my transition first with facelifts. Not to look feminine, but to appear and look younger.

I was aging and had a good amount of weight loss under my belt.

Along with sagging skin and jowls on my face.

I researched plastic surgeons for facelifts and decided to have work with Dr. Andrew Jacono.

Not only were the results stellar (there were some complications, a bit of drama too. It all got worked out) and I am glad I had the work done when I did.

His prices have soared since then. Today I might be paying double for the work he did back then.

Fast forward a few years as I live my dream of looking very hot as a Queer he/him, I decided that I was ready to go they/them and to then land in Sofia Vergara land as she/her.

I sold my apartment and decided to use some of the funds to finance solvently be transition to transgender female. It was time to address both my body dysphoria and my gender dysphoria.

I was in a deep depression currently. Shining the apple as a queer man, I felt that I was not comfortable with by body from the neck down. A youthful, handsome face at 55 was great. My body had a large amount of loose skin. I never felt male, or “he” enough.

This added to slow self-esteem. My sex life was affected. I realized too that I was sensing my power more as a woman on my cooking shows as Soraya.

My gender dysphoria and body dysphoria became more evident t and clear to me.

I made the full decision to have full on facial Feminization.

At The time, Facial Team was catching my attention. Performing additional research, I decided to go with Facial Team for my facial feminization.

This video discusses deeper reasons to why I choose Facial Team in resolving my gender dysphoria..

Were all my expectations met? Find out!

Years later in 2020, my insurance carrier offered options for facial feminization.

I wanted to have some revisions done from the first surgery with Facial Team.

As well as new facelifts. Bone along my

skull had been reduced to soften my features. Resulting in sagging skin to the mid and lower faced and neck. There was additionally the stretching of the skin on my face as I was applying face tapes to feminize.

I can say that my face was still not feminine the way I knew it could be.

I was introduced to Dr. James Bradley through my Northwell Health insurance.

I had a consultation with Dr, Bradley. After a few rounds of communication and other things, we both had agreed on a plan to take my facial feminization and gender dysphoria ease to another level.

One that would ease the depression and other negative feelings that come from body and gender dysphoria.

This video details my experiences with both surgeons. The pros and cons, pluses and minuses.

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