Cranial VS. Soft Tissue iPhone 13 Days Post Op FFS Transgender

Holas! I am obsessing about the iPhone 13 release and super happy to be alive and healthy!
Celebrating 13 days of recovery from secondary FFS surgery.
Pointing out factors and addressing how I would have done all cranial FFS first, then address soft tissue facelifts, fat transfers and neck lifts.
My first surgeons for FFS in 2017 do not, would not perform facelifts or fat transfers. No soft tissue feminization.
I knew then I wanted both at the same time if possible.
Fast forward to 2021. My Northwell surgeon specializing in cranial, soft issue total FFS for ALL women, including us exotic ethnic girls, addressed both cranial and soft tissue is the same surgery.
Wish fulfilled!
My jaw and chin was not addressed in this second round.
The first surgeons did an excellent job on my FFS cranial needs, no doubt!
ALL the previous surgeons did well. It just may take several tries to get what I would love to have. MY “full time” Soraya Sobreidad, Queen Of Healthy Latin Cooking “Irene” Cara!
I’m doing a FFS dance!
What a feeling!
Thanks. Be well, safe and kind. I will do the same.

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