Soraya’s Soyful Butler Foods Soy Curls Taco Crumbles Review

Butler Foods Taco Crumbles Soy Curls


This is Soraya Sobreidad here.

How are you? I hope all you folks out there are well.

I am doing well. Here with you to talk about a product that I am really in love with.

It is Butler Foods Taco Crumbles and Soy Curls.

Gosh these products are really amazing.

Let us start by saying that the Soy Curls serves two purposes for me.

Actually three!

First, for me anyway, I have had them straight from the bag as a soy chip kind of snack. You can powder spic them and they can be crumbled a bit in its dry form. Then I can be sprinkled over salads or eat in it’s complete dry form like a “Chip.”

(There was a young “PAPI” in high school named Chip. I liked him a lot. He was extremely cute and just my type. Brown, killer smile and football player physique. That is still my favorite flavor!)

Yes, The Soy Curls can serve as a cute and sexy “Chip.”

Then the second use of course is hydrated. The wonder Butler Foods Soy Curls can be seasoned to taste like poultry of fish. Get creative!

The third way Butler Foods Soy Curls serve me is as a Soy drink beverage!

That is right, folks.

I have consumed the liquid drained and squeezed out from hydrating the Butler Foods Soy Curls!

The Butler Food Soy Curls are non-gmo. Sodium free.

I drink the “broth” from time to time for this reason: it is said that soy has a feminizing effect.

There you go!

This will benefit you if you want any natural component to assist in your feminization.

If you are a straight cis gender male this may not be your “cup of tea, err soy!

I increased my soy product consumption once I knew for sure that I wanted to be prettier.

Those are my three ways of doing a good dance with Butler Foods Soy Curls!

Now for the Taco Crumbles.

I am a chef with recipes that are a secret!

Yes, I dream of having my own commercial food line for sale and to own a cute little eatery.

So there are some signature dishes that I have tested in my farmers market adventure in Long Beach California that folks love.

I love them too!

I want to keep them special to me and so I will not share the recipe, what I will say is that the Butler Foods Taco Crumbles are an extremely important addition to some of these “secret recipes” of mine.

I will say here as well, The Butler Foods Taco Crumbles have an extensive usage. So many recipes in so many ways.

The are vegan products which are amazing. They are soy based and non-gmo.

Vegan, vegan vegan!

Amazing, amazing amazing!

I really do hope you have read this little blog and watch my video review of this wonder vegan soy product. Both The Butler Foods Soy Curls and their Taco Crumbles.

If you call them and place an order, ask for Rhonda and tell her Soraya Sobreidad sent you!


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