Puerto Rican Baby Steps to Resolving Gender Dysphoria


Spring is such a great time to flourish.

The Earth is doing this each spring on so many levels.

I bring this up because the current footage posted on YouTube and on my website reflects the early stages of my cosmetic surgery.

Recognizing my gender dysphoria.  Allowing myself two years away from the workforce. Solvently. I needed this time to reflect and delve into the depth of my dysphoria.

This occurred initially in the spring of 2014.

To seek a game plan. Taking those early “baby steps.”

The response personally was fluffy “pillow talk” around my intention to transition. I do not want to be hard on myself for not “coming out” directly to the decision.

My references to “I want to be pretty” were true. Like my early coming out when I was claiming to be “bisexual.” Come to think of it, it was never true!

It was a watering down of the truth.

I get it. Stating in the late 70’s to being gay was hard.

In 2014, it was hard to say that I wanted to transition and be a woman.

I do thank Caitlin Jenner for “popping up” at the same time. She was starting to surface as well.

That is ok. In reflection I knew that I was scared to really go forward.

I can see why. Life has been amazing. No regrets.

Yes, there is a deeper sense of self.

However there have been challenges with employment and housing.

I understood that there may be.

I wonder if I have thought too deeply about this. Meaning that I knew that there “may” be some issues.

Honestly, I was not prepared for the reality I am facing.

Those may be facts. I am working to feel and believe the other side to this. The truth is that I will be divinely protected and guided in employment opportunities and in housing.

In everything in my life. The same way as prior to my decision to transition.

I am looking to feel more positive and hopeful about this.

“If I Ever Lose My Faith.” Sting it is.

Nonetheless, the entire set of videos being posted this spring reflect my surgeries. They started in the month of April 2014. They continued yearly.

Major facelifts and tweaks.

Then the full on craniofacial feminization done by Facial Team in Marbella Spain in 2017.

I have not watched these videos since the original time of documentation.

In reflection I can say that this was a big step. It was a big step in real time.

I may have done things differently. The past is the past.

I am grateful that I made these transitions solvently.

I was quite excited, and it took much courage to do this.

I can talk further on the impact socially of my recent 2021 breast augmentation done on February 24th. I was not aware family members would react in the manner that they have.

Resolving gender dysphoria impacts the person affected greatly.

Resolving dysphoria impacts every area in positive ways.

It also impacts in ways that are less positive.

I am grateful I have an extraordinarily strong support system to endure the transition.

Good doctors, surgeons, friends and a supportive therapist.

I continue to follow a good diet. I exercise when I can with pandemic restrictions. I pursue activities that are enriching and fun.

Engaging in my transition through the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult.

Imagining transitioning your gender physically, emotionally and socially with this high level of isolation.

Then also facing unemployment and homelessness.

That is quite a load to carry.

It is spring, 2021.

The pandemic is lifting.

I am looking forward this spring and summer to a second take on my facial feminization. The surgeon is based in NYC.

It will be another solvent surgery. I am looking forward to it. In the meantime, I will continue to post these videos of my “Puerto Rican Baby Steps” in sorting through and relieving my gender dysphoria.

Allowing me to live fully as the Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking, Soraya Sobreidad.

Thank you.

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