How to Get Oz To Grant You Facial Feminization and Courage

My name is Soraya Sobreidad. I am a transgender woman.

I started my transition from male to female is 2015.

In a gentle manner without really telling any close friends or family members, I had decided to start my transition from male to female with a gentle facelift. This facelift was to address the loose skin that I had on my face due to weight loss. I decided that I wanted to give myself the gift of a nice fresh appearance as the loose skin on my face caused me to look older. Being that I lost 80 pounds and was maintaining it for a quite a while, I felt that I would give myself the gift of a facelift. My first face lift was with Dr. Andrew Jacono in York City. I was very pleased with the results.

There were a few little complications or possible miscommunication as to what the doctor stated he was going to do as opposed to what he did in the surgeries. Nonetheless I had a good result with the refresh on my face. Identifying still as male, I decided that I was embarking fully to my transition from male to female. In the sense of addressing my cranial features. That’s the skull, honey! After doing extensive research I decided to utilize surgeons located in Marbella, Spain. This team of doctors being called Facial Team. I took actions which was to sell my apartment to fund my transition.  In addition to my cranial, FFS, facial feminization; I also wanted to address my body and the loose skin that I had from weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain, in other words yoyo dieting! I sold my apartment to start a little business in California while I would transition there because there was a surgeon in Costa Mesa by the name of Siamak Agha whom I wanted to utilize for my body left and body feminization.

I started my little adventure in transitioning from male to female. This article is really describing my facial feminization procedures.  I had my cranial done in Spain. My forehead, my brows, I had rhinoplasty done, a lip lift and then also my jaw and chin were contoured. I thought the results were good they were they were gentle results. it was a softer appearance. I can’t say it was feminine to be honest with you. it was a softening of my features.  I felt that I just became a little more handsome! I had not yet been on hormone therapy for an extended period. I knew also that after the facial feminization on my cranial that I wouldn’t have to address my soft tissue again with a facelift.

After my facial feminization surgery with Facial Team, I still required face taping which is a theatrical technique to make the face look younger and more feminine. This look is achieved with adhesive tape and wires. This is a technique I used very early in my experimental procedures of feminizing my face. I started that in 2008. I still needed to do it to get that feminine elegant look on my face. Th “Soraya Sobreidad” look! I had facial feminization with Facial Team however I still felt that I did not look like a woman.

I did not quite get the results that I wanted from Facial Team. I looked very good once I faced tape. However, on my day to day I thought that I was still carrying a male face. Two years later I attempted in California to get Facial Feminization through my health insurance and the health provider that I was going to in Los Angeles. I had a consult with a surgeon for facial feminization. After the consult nothing else happened. I then came back to New York in 2019. I was still needing to face tape. I was looking more feminine than I had before as HRT was kicking in but still, I thought I didn’t quite have the look that I wanted day today and still was depending on face taping.  I felt like I had different faces for different occasions! Cool trick but I didn’t like that too much.

With the pandemic of COVID-19 and being on a new health care provider and new insurance I decided to give my facial feminization another try. There was a surgeon by the name of Dr. James Bradley that appeared on my radar. Dr. Bradley was available through my insurance I decided to have a consult. I was interested in a revision 0f rhinoplasty and revision on my lip lift from Facial Team. I wanted a mid to lower facelift and neck lift too. After meeting with Dr James Bradley he advised that I have a revision on my orbitals, forehead, lowering of hairline and actually refresh the brow line I decided to go with the surgery I am now 37 days post op at the time of this writing. I’m happy with the results. I have my facial feminization secondary surgery! it was a very easy process through Northwell Health and Select Health VNSNY Choice. Excellent insurance carrier and Northwell transgender care is an excellent provider. I didn’t have to jump through hoops of fire to get the insurance approved! it was very easy. This video describes my process of going to “OZ” to get courage, breast augmentation and secondary facial feminization. Within the first six months of 2021, I had my breast augmentation surgery and my secondary facial feminization! Wow!

I hope you watch this entire video. If you are considering transitioning and embarking on facial feminization, this video may help you make your decision and may prepare you for either the madness and the delays or the swift and efficient care that your insurance company and transgender care provider can give you. My name is Soraya Sobreidad. I am The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking. I hope this video was helpful. Thank you for checking in. Bye!

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