Transgender Facelift FFS 10 Day Post Op Dr. Jacono

Transgender Facelift FFS 10 Day Post Op Dr. Jacono


My first process in becoming the full-fledged Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking was to undergo an

intensive facelift.

That included a bi-lateral upper brow lift, blepharoplasty (lower eyelid) and neck lift were performed along with the facelift.

Surgeon was Dr. Andrew Jacono.

Stitches and bruising were everywhere it seems!  I healed quickly.

Dr. Jacono prescribes his own multivitamin regime that is included in the surgical cost.

Surgical costs back in 2015 were approximately $55,000.00

He also prescribed a diuretic after surgery to minimize water retention.

My diet has been healthy for some time. I did consume more pineapple and asparagus than normally. These foods aid in providing healing. Bromelain in fresh pineapple and vitamin k in leafy green foods, hence asparagus, helped.

I have been sugar free for decades so this helps in a healthy immune system. Sugar has always been a problem for me. Half of my life cycle was spent overeating sugar and attempting to remove it from my diet. I was thirty years old when I gave up sugar, white flour, alcohol and nicotine. These digestive substances were eliminated during the span of a year.

I am 62 years old today as I write this. I was 56 when I had my first facelift.

I cannot believe that I have eliminated so much from my diet. I feel awesome today. Raw feelings all the time. I am sure that is due to the lack of anesthetizing my thoughts and feelings.

No regrets. In fact, I believe the “Jeanie popped out of the bottle” (myself as a transgender woman) was due to a healthier lifestyle.  The reality of who I am in my core, emerged. I feel more energetic, creative and content.

This is the first of many posted on my channel.

May you find this information and perspective on surgery helpful.

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