Soraya’s Fierce Vegan Puerto Rican Transgender Cashew Cheese Recipe

Remember that classic O Jay’s song “For The Love of Money?”
Did you ever read the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?”
Have you ever, “Taped The Bottle and Twist The Cap?”
Let’s see I’ll take the first two. Taping that bottle and twisting the cap was never in my best interest!
I am Soraya Sobreidad. The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking. I am going to talk to you a little bit of something I love dearly and many Americans may feel the same. That is CHEESE!
Oh, but for the love of money, cheddar and cheese! For the love of Pete too, I will gladly accept. Yummy Pete!
Urban slang uses those words as cheese and “chedda” to describe the yumminess, goodness, the creaminess of having enough “cheddar.” I have a very soft spot for anything tasty; person, place or thing. and I love cheese!
Prior to taking on the role of The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking and being a TV host and chef, I was a huge lover of all foods. The creamier the better. Salt, sugar and fats is what my taste buds yearned and craved for. Along with carbohydrates and proteins. That means I wanted everything and it had to be tasty!
In my quest to reinvent Puerto Rican cuisine that was lighter in salt, sugar and fat required substantial research and experimentation.
Recovering from childhood obesity, I spent half of my lifetime searching and implementing different eating plans. I incorporated new techniques and positive behaviors. I began letting go of old self-destructive ones. I slowly became mindful of what I was eating and the choices I was making with food.
Initially, I eliminated white flour and processed sugars from my diet. While moderately indulging in dairy cheeses. I love cottage cheese, feta and other cheeses. I was consuming low fat milks. That was fine for a while.
Weighing and measuring allowed for structure and boundaries with my food. Resulting in weight loss.
I was very happy with my overall health results. However, my body wanted to get more in touch with a plant-based diet. I ate vegetarian for a time and would do so periodically. If my body craved fish or poultry I would go there. My red-light meats were beef and pork. Hence, flexitarian.
When it came to dairy, when consumed it resulted in an accumulation of mucus in the throat and nasal passages. Acid reflux followed in the mix.
That’s when I started experimenting with vegetarian cheese substitutes. One brand I love is Go Veggie Cheese Alternative.
This was the first cheese alternative brand I tried and felt the taste and texture was spot on.
Their Pepper Jack, Swiss, Cheddar and Mozzarella slices were very good as well as their shreds. The brand also has a Parmesan crumble that is vegan. It is superb.
They have done a great job through the years with the increased plant-based awareness to meet the demands of vegan consumers as well.
A new brand of cheese that is totally vegan is Follow Your Heart. They also have an amazing low fat “veganaise” spread that tastes even better than my all-time favorite mayonnaise, Hellman’s.
Back in my overeating days I could take a jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise and spread it all over a cute guy named “Pete” and have even safer sex!
Being a chef with my FIERCE cooking show, I heard about Cashew Cheese. I researched recipes and started experimenting. I love cashews and cheese as I stated. Making my own seemed so daunting.
It was time to reexamine what a healthier and viable Cashew Cheese recipe would look like for me.
Could I live with a softer type cheese? I have seen recipes where is such a process to make a vegan cheese that is firm and slice-able. Plus, the way food works for me is being able to make small batches and weigh them out and store them. This was also something to consider.
Honestly the GO Veggie and Follow your Hear cheeses are so good, that though they may be casein free, I am still tempted to snort away the entire pack. Stopping at just a few slices can be difficult for me, hence being someone with an eating disorder. I know all folks who are overweight for most of their life and that the members of the family are all overweight may not fall into this same category.
In the video I have posted here. I can prepare any amount, a pound, to a quarter pound. I discovered while I was operating my Soraya’s Fierce Kitchen Food Stand in lovely Long Beach California that after making my cashew cheese recipe I can package and store the cheese in one ounce paper souffle cups.
I can place the 1 oz servings in a plastic airtight container and place them in the freezer. Safe Sex. They are frozen and are put to sleep!
They sit well for an extended period until ready to devour!
I always plan my meals ahead of time. The cashew cheese is used more in my dinner recipes and meals.
I plan my recipes in the morning and if I am implementing my cashew cheese in the meal, I can thaw the 1 or 2 ounces I will use in the refrigerator.
I love cashew cheese. My version feels and taste similar to the Laughing Cow Original flavor soft cheese wedges. Creamy and yummy.
“Follow your Heart” and look for the right Cheddar cheese. You will be so “moved” by the consumer-based options available that I have mentioned in this blog.
More importantly for me and my personal “chedda,” please watch my cashew cheese video and try the Recipe for Soraya’s Sobreidad’s Fierce, firm and Creamy Cashew Cheese.


Two delicious treats make for a mouth watering experience.

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