Bringing Delicious Vegan Gluten Free Empanadas to Long Beach CA


I am here to enlighten Long Beach, one Vegan Puerto Rican Gluten free Empanada, one at a time! I am having a super time establishing a tasty presence here at the downtown Long Beach farmers market.

So many great vendors are here with me, bringing the finest foods and products to the wonderful residents of Long Beach, California.

My Puerto Rican cuisine that has been skillfully transformed to fit a vegan, gluten free lifestyle, is now available on site, live at my farmers market food stand.

Sorayas’ Fierce Cooking Show has a new segment,  Soraya’s Fierce Kitchen!

Taste scrumptious and flavorful  vegan beef empanadas, cooked to perfection. Prepared from scratch at the market! Vegan, Puerto Rican cuisine has never tasted this, well, sexy and tasty!

I will be adding additional dishes as I develop my presence here. I want to thank the farmers market coordinator, Kelli for allowing me to be a part of the vendors here. I came to Long Beach a little over a year ago to bring my spin of  healthy Latin cooking to California.

My intention is to have a broader presence at other food stand locations. Introduce many to the delicious cuisine that I as a proud Puerto Rican, can offer. All dishes at this time will focus on vegan, gluten free, low sugar, higher fiber recipes. My soy beef mix is non GMO. There are no artificial flavorings, no msg, no food colorings added to my Puerto Rican Veagn Empanadas! Pan fried, not deep fried in Cuisinart cookware. Made with lots of love and passion for healthy cooking.

Marilyn Monroe and Donna Summer offer an onlooking presence at Soraya’s Fierce Kitchen.

Come by and say “HOLAS” to The Queen Of Healthy Latin Cooking, Soraya Sobreidad!

Watch my video below show customer testimonials.



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