Full Monty Meaty Cheesy Puerto Rican Pastelon Gluten Free

Holas my darlings!
Here is a super edit of my Gender Fluid Super Disco 12″ Remix of Soraya Sobreidad’s Full Monty Meaty & Cheesy Papi Pastelon!
This is an incredible recipe.
Pastelon is the Puerto Rican sister to Italian lasagna!
Made with sweet plantain to replace the pasta.
This is a low fat version, using cooking spray and low fat Shady Brook Farms Turkey sausage.

In this video which I can see now that I am more into the process of my transgender in becoming the real, full time Queen of Healthy Latin Cooing, I see how mucg my mother influenced my womanhood.

She was a terrific cook and she expressed strong passion in preparing a delicious meal.

My mom was also a strong entrepreneur. She handled finances well. She kept a feminine but strong demeanor.

She struggled with obesity too. Most of my family has or still does.

She made her strides in losing the excess weight she carried for a long time.

Then, increcibly enough, she set personal boundaries, all on her own and managed not only to loose the weight, but keep it off.

Till her passing she remained healthy and at a good weight.

I really see in the re-edit of this video how she maintained herself as a woman.

Beauty, grace and dignity.

So much of my ideals and beliefs as a transgender woman is modeled after the “original mother” of The House of Sobreidad.

It has taken some years to pull back and see this. The recovery we are facing from the pandemic, my recovery from breast augmentation and now my re-integration to society is showing me how the butterfly is ready to spread it’s wings and fly real high in the sky.

My Full Monty Meaty & Cheesy Papi Pastelon is dedicated to my mom.

Along with the talents of Miss Amy Winehouse.

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