Soraya’s Secondary Facial Feminization Surgery Transgender

Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery FFS It was exciting to come to a point where I had decided on the surgeon(s) I wanted to have my FFS with.It was in 2014 that I started doing research.I am surprisingly good at researching. Being notoriously single, super loner, isolator however not “too” lonely; I scoured the internet for healthy cooking tips. How to cook sugar free, how to be Puerto Rican and slim, then how to cook vegan Puerto Rican. The latter was more self-taught!Being a woman. How do I transition effectively, successfully and more importantly convincingly?I speak lightly to this in the typed words.How does a human born genetically male transform into Sophia Vergara? Seriously? That is something no amount of “scouring” could possibly answer.Wait, I messed up. How do I look like a woman?That is what I wanted to know.Forums, chats, articles, etc.I was so “cocky” back then. So self-willed. Such an extreme know it all.Lofty, selfish, self-righteous.If there is one thing my transition has taught me, it was who really is the boss.I thought I was I, Diana Ros.I was so determined to get these Park Avenue surgeons, travel the world like a Puerto Rican princess and get my look on.Silly girl I was. Yes, girl. A big part of me was feminine.Growing up in the 60’s to an attractive and dynamic Puerto Rican family, there was no room for a bouncy breasted young male child who reveled in hitting opera notes in the kitchen. As well as a passionate connection to cooking, cooking appliances, food and the beautiful brown Latina women stirring the caldron.Enchanted, mystical, magical energies and aromas. The kitchen was full of Madonna’s. Rays Of Light.All of that zapped to me one early afternoon as I became possessed with the connection: arroz, habichuelas guisadas and Iris.Iris sat me down to an enchanted plate of rice and beans that was laced with pure Puerto Rican Latina nurturing, kindness and beauty. Oh, and great culinary skills.She may have added a few of her tears. She was beautiful, anyone could see that. Yet in her, deep within, she was sad. Possibly detached to the surroundings and lonely.I take it to the times we were living. Racism and the fact that our family was biracial.She was the darkest and the highest beauty of all the women. The most fit as well.That always comes with a price.She added a few tears to the dish she served me. Sitting me down, ready to bewitch me. One spoonful and I was fucked for life.As I gazed at this young woman, astounding by here and the flavor of the meal, I thought I want to be all of what is before me. I want to look, be, nurture, cook and have her entire aura.As quick as the vibe came, it left. I knew as a mortal, born a boy, there was no way in hell I could ever be like Iris. Fast forward to learning how to cook as well as Iris, but lower fat, higher fiber, vegetarian, vegan and then learning how to face tape and apply makeup like a pro, she came to visit. This time, her name was not Iris, but Soraya Sobreidad. The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking. Pounding rays one 2 am on a lonely Saturday night. Allowing the Madonna Ray of Light, the Iris vibe ever intravenously, then in crashing waves, the transformation began. Over time, it was then Time To Be A Woman. Not just on the show, but 24/7.Research, research. 1 am, 2 am, three am on Saturday nights. Most “real people” were out having fun. Dancing, romancing. Having a social life. Not me.How do I look like Sophia Vergara? Iris Leamon?I came across Facial Team. Located in Marbella, Spain.I felt that since they were Spaniards and myself having ancestry in the Spaniard bloodline that they would be prefect. I will have a Spanish surgeon addresses my features.
Feminize my face. I sold my home and went on my journey to transition.Facial Team for my FFS. I thought I would have the first procedure and Walla, instant woman.So not the case.The FFS was quite effective. That procedure was purely cranial which is what FFS is. Facial Team did not offer facelifts, fat transfers. Those procedure enhance FFS. I required soft tissue surgery as well.Face lift and neck lifts.I ran out of capital and could not get the surgeons I wanted to finish the work.I continued to face tape.It was sad as I thought FFS and hormones alone would give the look I was attaining from face taping.Face taping, along with FFS and HRT gave me an awesome look. It was temporary. As well as taxing on my facial skin.More importantly It was not real.Like the Velveteen Rabbit, like Muriel in My Little Mermaid, I wanted to be real and get my legs.I was patient. Up and downs and then an exceptionally low point in my life; the opportunity for secondary FFS presented itself.Exactly the way it presented itself in 2015. I was so opinionated, show offer, chest pounder, ego driven.Too proud to take the help within the medical community with my diagnosis of gender dysphoria to “settle” for a limited network of surgeons to perform FFS.A true but reformed nonbeliever. I was open that in network surgeons for FFS could be incredibly effective. An enhanced quality of life, in my gender transition. An offering served. Similar to the serving of arroz y habichuelas guisadas cooked and fed to me by Iris. Effective, available, and life changing.I took a spoonful from the network.I have been on several operating tables already. $285, 000.00 is gone. Still no Iris. No Sophia. No true North-ism in search for Soraya.In 2015 I made a firm decision. Along with Caitlyn,  I was giving my soul, spirt, emotion and body to The Science of Soraya.I have the energy to lay on one more cold surgery table.Here is this video, we see the beginnings. Life on life’s terms. I allow the spoon-fed with Iris’ tears and delicious cuisine to touch my face, lips, enter my mouth, radiate through my entire body and transform me.I wake up as a bloody, swollen faced monster.  Like I did on Spain in 2017.I can see Soraya in my eyes. In a week, one day I wake and See Her. My Iris and my Soraya.It is true what they say. The best things in life are free. No struggle. No sacrifice. Just open your mind, spirit and mouth and taste it. Enjoy it. Bless it and savor the NYC born, breed and fed FFS at Lenox Hill Hospital, little Soraya.

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