My First Transgender MTF Puerto Rican Shea Moisture Hair Color


I have been re-editing footage from my early videos.

The focus on this post was in the series of initial facial surgeries.

Knowing deep within that I was on my road to transitioning from male to female.

It was difficult to say it to others and to my audience on my YouTube channel. As well to the viewers airing my cooking show on pubic broadcast here in New York.

This particular video makes very clear statements to the process of transitioning.

Even when I do mention it, I make my squelched up face!

I was called out on this behavior in my late teens.

When something seems displeasing for others to hear, when I feel like I am going to get judged, I put on my “ugly face.”

I notice this still happens. Especially when I am talking to family members or friends who knew me way before my gender fluid days.

It takes a lot of energy to be honest and true.

How I remember all the backlashes.

I won’t get specific. I do not want this post to be a dump!

I am glad I can reflect and note all the progress I have taken to where I am today.

I do hope you enjoy this video.

New footage will come.

I am embarking on an additional procedure soon to father my gender expression and identity.

There is also the excitement of securing safe and affordable new housing to live and work from.

Thanks so much for reading this and supporting my mission for truth, right sizedness and healthy cooking.

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