Puerto Rican Rice and Turkey Sausage Transgender Divas Who Dine

Holas and Happy Pride month!

I must say this is the most “kiki-ied” episode I have ever done!

Myself and the “camera person” are flowing and glowing throughout the live, unrehearsed conversation on this episode!

All of my cooking shows run totally on the fly. Everything is right off the cusp of the joy and reverence of being alive, healthy and totally “right sized.”

My face and body where totally untouched by any cosmetic surgery. I can reflect and see the Donna Summer “Woman in Me” doesn’t require much to express and exude the gender expression of female.

Then we have the recipe itself. A classic arroz junto con slachicha de pavo. A classic variation to the yellow rice, salchicha de pork or beef.

This recipe is much lower in fat, Much less sodium and MSG then the typical dishes that I grew up on.

Garnished with fresh vegetables, avocado and sauteed broccoli.

Rebecca and I are having a blast in the episode.

There are segments here on my personal reflection to a partners past contributions to my growth and visibility as a healthy Latin cooking chef and host.

The story telling includes footage of my NY1 video contest submission. As well as clips from The New York Daily News interview.

So much gratitude and joy in my heart.

There is also the Gay Pride Parade performance that was a blast as well.

I have had so much fun in my life.

Certainly did not do all this by myself.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Try it as well. I love Shady Brook Farms turkey products.

Have a great Pride month!


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