Soraya’s Pescado En Escabeche

Soraya’s Pescado En Escabeche “Papi Pickled Fish” Quinoa Coated Recipe

Holas my loves!

The month of October is quite the “door opener.”

After 11 months of van life, I was offered a super-hot apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

The month of October would have made the full year of van life as I started on October 28th, 2019.

I started moving in and got right back to cooking!

Significant birthdays this month. One is of my older brother Dave’s. He was a deep foodie. Knowing him as I do, his life could have gone in many directions. First, my older brother was very handsome. My opinion, he was the Puerto Rican Elvis Presley! He must have known that because he did play guitar in his very young years.

Dave was an incredible foodie. You had to watch your plate at the table cause he would definitely dive into it  if you veered off!

As we aged he adored, like me, Puerto Rican Cuisine.

We lived in Brooklyn where there was a local hotdog stand called Coney Island Joe’s.

My brother worshipped the place.

The entire family were food addicts!

Looking back, had my brother been understood better, nurtured more, he may still be alive today.

He did darn good considering. Married a terrific woman. Raised beautiful, kind and smart kids.

I think there was some songs on his guitar that never were expressed.

As well as a classic Puerto Rican cuchifrito joint he could have opened and operated.

I give thanks in advance to the greasy little dive of a place that I own. I have pictures of my brother and family all over the place in their honor.

I bring this all up because the first recipe I did on my show in my new place is a recipe my brother loved. He loved many, just like me.

The récipe is Pescado En Escabeche. It’s a pickled fish recipe. I call it in English Soraya’s Papi Pickled Fish.

My grandmother was the first to expose us to this recipe. Her version consisted of cod steaks breaded with white flour and fried. Then placed in a marinade of vinegar, oil, onions, peppercorns and basil.

The Pesacdo En Escabeche would sit in the marinade and become pickled.

It is an amazing recipe. Pescado En Escabeche would be served with white rice and or Spanish starch vegetables. Like yautia, green plantains, yellow plantains and yucca.

Incredible dish. My brother loved it. So did I.

In van life a few months ago I made my version of Pesacdo En Escabeche. I could not, and still can’t locate cod steaks. I used red snapper steaks. Very mild and the skin cooked just as well. Though I still prefer the cod. Hope I can find some cod steaks soon.

I seasoned the fish with sea salt, smoked paprika and garlic powder.

I created a soy milk bath with powdered low sodium milk and spring water.

I then coated the steaks with Quinoa flour.

First time using quinoa flour.

As for cooking, I don’t deep fry anything on Soraya Sobreidad’s Fierce Cooking Show.

The Pescado En Escabeche was cooked on a non-stick skillet with Spectrum Coconut cooking spray and 2 tablespoons of organic olive oi per each three steaks.

Then marinaded in apple cider vinegar, organic olive oil, peppercorns and bay leaves. I also added sauteed onions, also cooked in a nonstick skillet with cooking spray. The onions were caramelized.

Can’t believe I did all that in a van! It was delicious.

It was meant to be the “episode” opener in my new apartment in Hell’s Kitchens.

It was really nice to think of my family; my mother, grandmother and brother Dave.

The family enjoyed the dishes we would make and share together.

Pescado En Escabeche was one of them.

I hope you try this recipe at home.

I will think of my brother Dave often this month.

I plan a few more recipes in the next few weeks that he loved. Healthier versions of course.

Thanks for reading my post on Soraya’s Pescado En Escabeche, Papi Pickled Fish dish.

Stay safe!


Soraya’s Pescado En Escabeche “Papi Picked Fish”

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