Soraya’s Fierce Reflections 4 Deep Love and Bigger God


I am a healthy Latin cooking chef.

I lost a position in 2019 as well as my apartment. I decided to re-think a new strategy and in angst, moved into my cute little Ford Transit Connect.

It was going to be for just a few months.

So I thought!

Covid-19 hit the nation. NYC was hit very hard. It was difficult with the start of the pandemic to make a move with a new place or room mates.

So I stayed put.

I can’t believe that this month of October 2020, I completed a year of van life!

I must have been a very good transgender girl because an offer came for a new apartment!

A friend of a friend kind of lead.

A sublet in NYC! I wanted to move east to the suburbs, but a new opportunity landed on my lap and I took it!

As a transgender woman, in a van, alone I do not know how I did it.

I’ll keep this post positive and say that something “out there” guided and protected me.

I did make friends with businesses and the employees of companies where I parked.

It was nice to have some folks looking out for me. I did have a few friends too who checked in from time to time.

I wanted to be off the street and out of my van as a second wave may occur.

God the good is all there is because I am now in a new place that I feel great in and is affordable.

Here is this video I explain in more detail what happened.

I’m super grateful that I have been safe throughout the year.

I did have faith that when I was ready, ‘Hell’s Kitchen” would appear.

I’m here, Queer and a proud Transgender healthy cooking Puerto Rican chef that is back in action.

Goya, watch out!

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