Recovery Gender Dysphoria Brow Lift Fat Transfer to Cheeks MTF Latinx

Gender expression Transgender Vegan Puerto Rican MTF
Bi Lateral Brow Lift Revision Fat Transfer to Cheeks and Temples
Surgeon: Dr Andrew Jacono New York Center For Facial Plastic Surgery
I am enjoying the posting of these videos! These are the “secret hidden recordings” of myself at the cusp of deciding to transition to female.
I recorded these videos back in 2014, when I had the courage and means to make some major changes in my life.
I had already embarked on the main life changing event, the recovery from depression and a very deadly eating disorder.
I had struggled all my life with the attempts to control my weight and food intake.
My recovery started in 1984. I slowly established a way of life that allowed me to free myself, a day at a time, from my compulsion.
I can speak volumes of the gifts that have come my way. It has been the start of a new way of life. One that is very forward moving. Loving and beautiful.
This process is no fairy tale. With it came ups and downs like anything else.
I can attest that my life in recovery is far, far better that the previous way of addressing my emotions, actions and reactions to life.
With twenty plus years of abstinence and maintaining an 80 lb. weight loss, I decided. The first was to “get back” some of the years lost of my youth.
My overeating, alcoholism and addiction to diet pills literally took 10 years of my life.
The depression that came about through loss of control was devastating.
It is a miracle that I survived. It was a very dark decade. I was highly self-destructive. It is a blessing to have that difficult time in my life behind me.
When clarity came to me through abstaining, powerful visions surfaced.
First vison attained was living at a normal weight for my body. Second was to reengage with the creative energy inherent in me.
Then there was the development of my outer appearance. Of being attractive and fit.
I achieved that, a day at a time back in 1991. I have maintained the weight loss for 32 years!
Amazing. I am blessed.
At 57 years of age, I decided to give myself the gift of getting back the ten years I suffered and struggled in the darkness of my depressive state.
I decided to give myself a facelift.  I choose an exceptionally talented surgeon. Dr. Andrew Jacono.
At the time of this decision, I had tapped into a creative energy that was incredibly beautiful. Full of light and love. So developed this energy was that “she” even had a name.
Soraya Sobreidad.
Back in 2008 “she” asked me to put “her to work.”
The inspiration came to utilize this energy as a cooking show host and chef.
I embarked on teaching others how to cook healthy Latin meals.
I was already developing a very tasty healthy recipe collection which came from my Weight Watchers years of weighing and measuring and following a food plan.
I became deeply passionate in heeding to the call of Soraya and started a cooking show on YouTube.
It was when I saw myself on Food Network’s “Chopped” episode that it was reflected to me who I really am.
I was her. The “character, persona” channeled to me. Soraya Sobreidad.
Using make up and face tape, I was able to get a sexy feminine look that so many viewers enjoyed seeing.
I then decided in 2014 that I was inspired to take steps, slowly, to become her.
Live as her. Be a woman each day. 24 hours a day for the rest of my time on this planet.
I could not articulate that vision so clearly back in the beginning of facial feminization journey. Asking and declaring what I really want was always hard for me.
I took the steps anyway.
The first one was to address two important factors:
Addressing sagging skin on my face due to aging and weight loss and taking steps to begin to feminize my face and body.
This video provides a stunning example to the value of healthy eating and being a happy person!
My skin is in excellent condition. In my teens I suffered from bad acne.
I am glowing before surgery and even more after.
This video speaks to the revision to my bi-lateral brow lift and fat transfer to my cheeks and temples.
Resulting in glowing “juicy cheeks.”
This surgery was the first step in addressing my gender dysphoria and resolving issues in my
long standing depression.
I hope you enjoy this video.

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