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The Sorting through of Gender Dysphoria


Presently. I am undergoing an evolution in my gender expression and transformation.

My evolution started in 2015 when I decided I would gently take steps in making my transition from male to female.

It started with facelifts to reduce aging and loose skin on my face from weight loss.

My plan to feminize was really kept as a “secret initiative.” An “inner project.”

I decided that the videos of this major undertaking should be documented. While recording the cooking shows and having my Soraya Sobreidad’s FIERCE Cooking Show channel on YouTube, I had a “side channel.” This channel is called “FIERCE Papi Chuloism.” Content on this channel represented the inner thoughts of a gay Puerto Rican male. The sorting through of thoughts leading into transitioning from gay to transgender female.

I did not want viewers who were seeing me as “Soraya” to see or hear how my voice was, how I looked and presented as a gay man.

My initial facelift surgeries and videos were never “meshed” into the very tasty, healthy, feminine and sultry Soraya Sobreidad videos.

As of this posting, May 2021, I am on downtime as Soraya. Hormone therapy has caused some changes in my weight, mood and eating habits.

The pandemic has also contributed to personal challenges in my wellness.  Subletting from an apartment that is more on survival of the winter than really feeling like home. These factors have kept me from coming to the camera with recipes or topics addressing the here and now.

Personal relationships were also affected by the pandemic.  As well my recent breast augmentation.

I was not expecting the breast surgery to create the challenges with friends and loved ones as they have.

I decided to bring the male and female sides together on Soraya Sobreidad’s FIERCE Cooking Show. This is the fourth video containing new edits of the footage recorded between 2015 and 2017 from my Junito Perez YouTube Channel.

I am proud of the footage. Though at times, it is hard for me to watch.

I can see how my conditioning to behave and talk a certain way was so deeply rooted.

Today I feel a good balance of both “Junito” and “Soraya.”

I believe that is what I am working through presently.

Which brings me to this note for those who knew me as Jaime:

I understand that it may be difficult for you to see and understand the changes in me.

The loss of Junito/Jaime. The brother, relative and friend you knew as a gay male.

Today I am realizing that may be hard.

I am sorry if that is the case.

Know that I feel free. I feel great. I feel amazing.

Believe me that “Soraya” is the truer person deep withing the person you knew.

I hope my videos and especially this one, helps you understand the processes. Much energy is needed to transition and put together parts of my identity. It is being made whole at sixty-two years of age.

I ask all who read this note and watch this video to please show empathy and compassion to those sorting through gender dysphoria, addiction and homelessness.

I thank you for taking time to read this.

Be well.

Soraya Sobreidad

The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking

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