Soraya’s Easy and Tasty Pupusa

Holas honey’s!
Here is a re-edit of my very first cooking show episode recorded in lovely Long Beach California. Long Beach was my home for two years.I made the move because;
a) I was undergoing a total body lift with feminization. The surgeon was located in Costa Mesa
.b) I wanted to pursue outdoor, direct consumer contact with my healthy Latin cooking recipes.
California lends itself to outdoor markets almost year round.
c) Socially, I really wanted a fresh start in my transgender, MTF transition. This can be linked to my reasons in a!

Glad I did it when I did. So much of our lives have changed since then.

This video also reflects the sad departure of support for Goya products.
Goya was like a good lover to me.

This video expresses the joy, wonder, excitement and anticipation of change.I had just recently had my body surgery and am showing it off!
Feeling more complete and whole.Facial feminization had not occurred yet. I did go to Marbella Spain for the procedure done with Facial Team. My recovery occurred in Long Beach.

I must mention and express a thank you to my friend Boris for being by my side assisting in my recoveries.
I am looking forward to a new location to film on a steady basis.
Now, back in New York, Queens in my van as a full time van lifer.
Enjoy the episode and try the recipe!
Thank you for your support!

Soraya XOXOXo

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