9 month Post Op Dr. Andrew Jacono Facelift Lower Blepharoplasty Transgender


Here is my nine-month post op update from my first facial surgery. This surgery took place in April of 2015. Dr, Andrew Jacono was the surgeon.

It was my initial procedure in what would later be my inclusive of my full-on facial feminization.

There was an inkling at this time to the fact that I was considering transitioning to female.

In this video I am sleepy. My voice is so raspy!

I also see the conditioning of my gender behavior and expression.

In some ways it is like being brainwashed. I know inherently I had attribute as a child that were feminine. I did not feel safe to just be. I always was “butching up” my persona. Behaving and speaking in a way that would not reveal my deeper identity.

This segment was initially documented in 2015.

My parents had passed that same year of 2015. Their passing opened the inner garden of my life. I felt freer to make choices that wee right for me.

There was no way my transition would hurt or disappoint them. It was a good time for soul searching.

Well, then again there is never an inappropriate time to soul search.

I am content with the fact that I had the opportunity to have Dr. Andrew Jacono perform my surgeries.

He is becoming more and more popular. Quite sought after.

As I continue this process, I plan to have other surgeries from him in the future.

I have had other procedures following this one. Those are in my video archives. I will post them in a timeline fashion.  As I post this blog, I am in the process of a second facial feminization of the cranial. The search for a prettier and more gender affirming tomorrow never ends for The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking!

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