Facelift Update Transgender NY to California Dreaming of Being a WOMAN

New York City VS. Los Angeles Transgender Blooming


In deciding for my first face lift, my main intent was to take years off my appearance.

Secretly, I also wanted to embark on feminizing my appearance as well.

Transitioning in a neighborhood that knew me so well as a Puerto Rican middle aged “Marc Anthony” of sorts, I believed deeply that it was best to start in a brand-new place.

Being a homeowner in The Heights of Jackson, Queens, I choose California.

I was also contemplating a move to Puerto Rico.

It was an amazing opportunity.

Born and raised as a native New Yorker, family and friends thought I would never leave here.

It was a tough decision to leave. When inspiration tugs it’s painful not to follow.

It was a massive move.

Being an entrepreneur. California offered opportunity in the year-round farmers markets. I could start my healthy Puerto Rican food line there as well as blossom from a worm to a Puerto Rican butterfly.

I took off and it was an experience with no regrets.

In reflection, there were pluses and minuses as in all situations in my life.

The ability to have presence in farmers markets was easy and amazing. I met so many new people and customers were eager to support my vegan Puerto Rican prepared food line. I was able to have Mothers Market and Kitchen try my vegan gluten free empanadas. The buyer loved them. They were willing to carry it in the Signal Hill and Costa Mesa store.

Social I made excellent friendships there as well.  

The transgender social community was pleasing, great and accessible.

I did find that the disco music scene there was hard to reach in Long Beach. More vibrant in Los Angeles.

Oil Can Harry’s in Studio City was a very cool disco.

It was a trek from Long Beach.

I was able to attend quite a few times.

They had a great old school dance floor and a second floor with karaoke.

The vibe of the crowd felt much like the early days of Studio 54 with its mix of different folks.

I had the best times there.

As of this posting here in May of 2021, Oil Can Harry’s who has been in operation for over  50 years or so is closing down.

Right before my move to California in 2017, The Circus Disco, another legendary dance disco venue had closed.

The Circus Disco had an exceptionally large Latinx clientele. I would have loved to have partied there in its heyday.

It must have been amazing. On the similar level to Disco 54 here in NYC.

The Circus Disco closed its “clown entrance” in 2015.

Though NYC does not presently have a standard full time “disco,” there are many disco themed dance parties in the city.

My favorite for all time, well since 2008 though they were operating before that is The Monster Bar Sunday Disco Tea Dance and Tuesday nigh deep disco Paradise Garage themed dance party. Lovely!

I am sure they will resume when the pandemic full lifts.

While I was in Long Beach California, I asked around for the disco dance scene. Another Puerto Rican, living in Long Beach for quite some time commented that Los Angeles, namely Long Beach does “not get down like that.”

Sad to hear.

Every locale, every situation carries such pluses and minuses.

In many ways I felt that I lived my vision more closely in Long Beach/Los Angeles than NY.

At least for the time I was in California.

Maybe it was the newness of the move and location. I was steady performing karaoke with high visibility and lots of enjoyment to self and others.

I also developed a cool vegan health food line.

My singing, performing and cooking skills were cultivated quite well while in Long Beach.

The weather was dry so driving was very good for me. Lots of rain and precipitation hinders me here in New York when it comes to driving.

New York was also a great place for me in seeking employment and obtaining healthcare and social services. California was lacking in those ways.

As Dr, Suess once wrote, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.”

Life is meant to be lived and inspiration to be followed.


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