Latina Transgender Breast Augmentation Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Hello my darlings!

I have recently taken a particularly important step in my transition.

I have had breast augmentation surgery.

Being born with male hypogonadism and gynecomastia, I struggled with breast tissue,

Fast forward over many decades of struggles, confusing and stress I became clear enough to be true to myself.

I am a woman with parts of my body that are male.

Many struggles for so long as to why my body was so “mixed” with female and male attributes.

When I decided to transition from male to female, I wanted to have surgery enhance my appearance to transform to a female.

Yes, I have been on hormone therapy.

However, I do not enjoy the side effects from the therapy.

I have had breasts as a transgender woman naturally. Through my own fat and tissue.

I wanted more volume on my breasts, so I decided to go with surgery.

I choose a wonderful doctor by the name of Adam Perry.

It has been five weeks. I have gone up one size.

I feel amazing with this decision.

Here is a snippet of my five-week anniversary of surgery which took place on February 24th.

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