Weight Loss Recipes

Holas! My name is Soraya Sobreidad. I am the Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking and I use to weigh 220 lbs.

I now weigh 138 lbs.

This article is centered on my creation and love for weight loss recipes.

Weight loss recipes can be created to minimize the intake of additives like fat and sugar. Lowering the amount can then be considered a “lower calorie” dish!

Resulting in weight loss over time!

I grew up on many weight loss recipes. Many I was introduced to were created by Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch through her cookbooks and lectures. I really admire the contribution Jean Nidetch has made with creating the Weight Watchers brand. I still follow the program since being introduced to it at 12 years old. I am now 57! That’s a long time!

Weight loss recipes don’t have to be boring. They can be tasty and fun!  My recipes are fun, tasty and sexy. Just like me! Yet they are “weight loss recipes!”

The weight loss occurs with a lower calorie count per serving. While maintaining a well sized portion of the food.

I am a self-professed “volume” eater. I love BIG portions of all my meals. I always ate large amounts of food, hence being quite overweight for my 5’ 4” frame.

Creating delicious Puerto Rican recipes that would eventually contribute to weight loss was easy for me. I enjoy researching ways to keep the flavor, texture and presence of a traditional dish whilst keeping calories down and nutrition up! As well as an “up” portion of the food.

For example, my recipe of Soraya Sobreidad’s , Papi Lickin” Spicy Chicken Wingsrecipes was such a recipe. Created with reduced fat and increased fiber in mind, the end result was a healthy weight loss recipe with a focus on taking off pounds over time.

I always enjoyed “fried chicken” especially take out. My recipe was a substitute for the high fried, high fat, white flour version! That recipe worked really well for me, my friends and family who enjoyed it as much as I did.

From that recipe I used the seasoning and cooking method to create a chicken breast or boneless and skinless chicken thigh version. It was extended to turkey drum stick “steaks” as well with much success!

The chicken breast recipe of my Papi Lickin’ Spicy Chickencreation was even more weight loss-y!

Remember Saucy Susan? Just some rhyming going on!

Come to think of it, all of my recipes are weight loss recipes. They are all created with a lower calorie count than the traditional counterpart!

My gluten free “Disco” Empanadasare another great example of a weight loss recipe.

The filling is made of turkey or vegetarian filling instead of beef or pork. Calories are cut in that way. Then the fact that they are not deep fried; we then save a ton of calories. The gluten free flour is good for most people as it gives you a break from traditional white flour. The gluten free flour has added fiber. If you have celiac disease than the gluten free flour is assimilated much, much better in the body.

The result is a lower calorie meal and treat with all the traditional Latin flavors.  If you are minimizing the wheat intake or if you are gluten intolerant, the recipe has multiple benefits for you!

Weight loss is really my game on the cooking show. I am so much happier with my weight loss. I feel more positive, focused and content. I still love eating big meals. I have developed recipes that allow for me to eat large meals though remain a comfortable weight.

Weight loss is not just about eating less calories, though for me that’s an important start. Exercise is very important. More importantly for me is relearning how to re-think and be!

Yes, be. Me be without the reliance of over eating for pleasure and to cope! I used food for more than just nutritional reasons. I ate a lot if I was sad, happy, anxious, sleepy, bored or upset. I used food for many reasons beyond nutrition!

It was a crutch for me in many ways. It was so recreational as well. I realized I was using food like an alcoholic may use alcohol. To cope with life! I did a lot of soul searching and developed a healthy relationship with food. In turn I manifested a better relationship with myself. My self-esteem improved as I was living not just to eat!

This was really important for me. I worked on my emotions and way of thinking. I realized it was best not to use food for coping and managing my life.

So here I am. I am a weight loss chef with weight loss recipes. I do hope that I bring some entertainment in my manner of presenting my weight loss recipes. I love bringing humor into my process of cooking and communicating with all of you!

I get so much out of creating the recipes. A new recipe is fun and tasty for me. It’s even tastier and pleasurable if I get to share the recipe with you!

Hope to meet you and prepare a really delicious meal for you really soon.

Thank you!

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