Soraya’s Gluten and Dairy Free Panna Cotta

Soraya Sobreidad’s Fierce and Delicious, Gluten Free, Sugar Free  Valentine’s Day Recipe of Panna Cotta.

Hola’s all. My name is Soraya Sobreidad. I am a healthy Latin cooking chef. I specialize in weight loss and weight maintenance recipes.

I have released seventy excess pounds of weight and have been keeping my weight loss for a very long time. I have managed to create and sustain a lifestyle that incorporates really delicious recipes that are low in sugar, vegan at times and lower in fat, higher in fiber!

Doesn’t that sound sweet?!

Here is a very tantalizing recipe. It’s my super creamy and sexy Soraya Sobreidad Panna Cotta with a Papi Pomegranate sauce.


It sure is, Robin!

I use coconut cream and coconut milk, cornstarch and vanilla. Fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice.

This recipe was created as a Valentine’s Day recipe. The episode of my cooking show airs on Queens Public Television, Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Padnet TV in Log Beach California.

A segment of this episode is dedicated to Anna Nicole Smith. Anna was a focused and determined individual and I honor her contribution to the fashion industry. She also inspired us to create the life you want and dream of!

I am inspired to create Puerto Rican versions of healthier takes on my cuisine of origin.

Panna Cotta resembles our Tembleque recipe. That recipe is totally vegan and incorporates Stevia instead of table sugar.

This recipe is similar to Tembleque. The sauce is an added feature on my Soraya Sobreidad’s Fierce and Delicious, Gluten Free, Sugar Free Valentine’s Day Recipe of Panna Cotta.

This recipe is also dedicated to a dear friend who has passed on. His name is Donovan Lee.

He loved pomegranates. I use to visit him in the hospital and feed him this delicious, nutritious fruit.

If he was here today, he would be honored to see my transformation and eager for a dish of my Soraya Sobreidad’s Fierce and Delicious Gluten Free, Sugar Free Valentine’s Day Recipe of Panna Cotta.

This month of February is Valentines Day. I am looking forward to this month as we move along in all lives with COVID-19 as a huge concern. We are all handling this pandemic the best way that we can.

I am hopeful that this year of 2021 will unfold in ways that will allow us to heal appropriately and timely. Like a Supremes song, “You Can’t Hurry Love” we must allow the healing and deeper unity of this here great nation to occur.

Let us all make a sincere effort to exercise more empathy, compassion and kindness to our neighbors.

You can start by taking really good care of yourself through the stress of the pandemic and world events. Exercise, eat healthy. Make this recipe and share it with others on Valentine’s Day!

Remember that sharing is caring.

Most of all, we can weather the storm of our present-day challenges and remain optimistic that sunshine, unity and peace is available to all of us, right here and right now.

Please take care and thank you for watching my episode and reading my blog.


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