Holas friends!

I understand that some of you can’t make Friday mornings/afternoons at the farmers market to enjoy my classic vegan Puerto Rican dishes. For that reason I have partnered up with a social dining team and app called Eatwith.

You can attend a fabulous dining experience on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday afternoon/evenings.
Fresh off my Hotpoint stove, you can enjoy direct lovin’ from my oven!

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Soraya Sobreidad at Eatwith.

Below is a sample menu.
Current menu posted at Eatwith.

See you soon!

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Vegan Cuisine with the Queen of Latin Cooking!

Chef Soraya's Vegan Puerto Rican Social Dining Parties


Croquetas de Berenjena (eggplant croquettes)

Main Dish:
Soraya’s Deep-Dish Squash, vegan beef, pigeon pea Puerto Rican Gluten Free ‘Meat” Pie served with white basmati rice.


Soraya’s Papi Pastelon  (veagn beef, gluten/dairy free Puerto Rican Lasagana)

Sautéed brussel sprouts, salad

Soraya’s Gluten/dairy free, low sugar Tembleque (Coconut pudding)

Coffee, tea, sparkling water.


Tortitas de Maiz (corn meal fritters) with vegan “fish” salad and dairy free shredded yellow cheese.

Main Dish:
Puerto Rican Pasteles filled with smoked and spicy vegan beef.

Arroz y Gandules (golden rice and peas) seasoned with veagn ham and chicken.

Vegetarian pork sausage

Potato Salad, Fresh Green Salad

Classic Vegan Puerto Rican Coconut Rice Pudding


Besitos De Coco (coconut macaroons)

Holiday Papo Coquito (Puerto Rican coconut dairy free egg nog)

Coffee, tea, sparking water.