Misgendering At The Workplace Why It Hurts So Deeply How to Recover


At The Workplace.

Why does it happen?

What to do, how to overcome the negativity.

Holas all.

This is not a very pleasant post for me to address.

I will start by saying that I give so much credit for the transgender woman who go out in the world and seek and earn employment.

Any employment. All forms of earning that suits you and keeps you safe.

My experiences since transitioning are that I have been misgendered at each and very position held.

Or that I have tried to keep.

It’s really astonishing to me.

I can’t change the world. I am working very hard to find ways to deal with the misgendering when it occurs. Not allow myself to get too emotional. Work through the issue. Take appropriate action, legal and otherwise on all levels. Thirdly, not to run or coward away from the employer and employees that engage in the misgendering.

It’s a difficult balance to achieve,

If the employer has a set culture in place and the misgendering continues then I have evaluated the situation and decide to leave all together.

My mental health is so important. So is too, staying employed.

With misgendering comes racism. If the employer has allowed micro and macro aggressions to occur on race issues, then I can assure you that xenophobic, homophobic, and transphobic comments may be apparent in the workplace as well.

In this video I started a new job that I was very excited about.

I felt very confident in my appearance as a woman, a transgender woman.

After two weeks, an internal call to a coworker resulted in some angst. I was new, and I made an error.

I was reprimanded a bit harshly and was referred to in a very slang, male urban name.

It really blew me away. Rattled me to the core.

Lots of emotions came up. It was very distressing.

This video describes in more detail why I think misgendering occurs, and my takeaways to how it affected ME.

Other tans folks may have different coping skills.

I love my cisgender folks however there is no way I can expect for my friends to understand what it means and how it feels like to be misgendered.

So many things to investigate when exploring the whys and effects to those who are transgender when they misgendered.

To me is so simple, I would just go with the flow of what ANY human identifies withy

That’s just my opinion. A live and let live attitude.

I’m a mature person, I respect all.

I will focus more on giving the understanding and empathy to others. Not seek so much to be understood.

Respected and to work in a safe environment is a right we all have.

Misgendering, racism and all forms of discrimination do not have place in the workplace.

This incident taught me a lot.

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Thank you!

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