Soraya’s SuperDuper Puerto Rican Papi Pasteles

Holas all and happy holiday season!
Let me start by saying that I want you to stay safe this holiday season.
Please don’t gather in crowds or have large events at home, please!
See, I’m especially lucky this year with COVID-19.
Since coming back to New York in 2019, most of my friends and family don’t want to see me.
So I am spending lot’s of time alone.
Good for me because I am at lower risk since becoming transgender and self actualized.
I get to focus on my goals more. I work my pain and sorrow through with even more cooking!
Not just for myself but for all of you.
My audience that loves and accepts me just the way I am!
Thank you.
Much less family and friend folks in my life. Except for a ton of men online that want to meet me, date me, marry me and have them cook for them.
Tis not the season to kiss frogs or date any turkeys!
Hence the spread of COVID-19
So there will be a delay in meeting my handsome prince, or King!
Enough mischief aside,
Here is a very classic recipe of mine for this glorious holiday.
Soraya’s SuperDuper Puerto Rican Papi Pasteles!
Pasteles are a huge deal for Puerto Ricans for Christmas and New Years.
They are so traditional, so delicious, so Boricua.
Mine are pretty healthy. In the sense I don’t use pork or beef.
This recipe has a smoked turkey filling.
As a full fledged flexitarian, I have perfected two other versions that are both vegan.
I hope you try this recipe.
I also hope your gatherings with friends and loved ones will be adhering to our nations CDC guidelines.
Remember to be loving to all.
Even if a family member or friend discovers that they prefer different pronouns than you have know them to be born with for the past 55 years, go with the flow. Really, respect their wishes.
If someone says they are what they really feel, respect that.
It would be a great service to the soul and integrity of that person.
No investment out of your pocket, nothing.
Just a desire to let people, especially your loved ones, especially through the holidays and especially through COVID-19, be seen, heard and respected.
Be nice, please.
Be safe, please.

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