Transgender Stages of Becoming Emotionally Ready to Change

Transgender Stages of Becoming Emotionally Ready to Change!
Title says it all!
Really, me, Soraya Sobreidad “The Queen Of Healthy Latin Cooking” was not a “All At Once” Whitney Houston song Diva!
My “fully hoping to become” (a quote adapted from the lovely Ms. Octavia St. Laurent) has been such a process.
My jumping off point from accepting myself as a gay Latino man, to then being a gender illusionist to then considering fully, the possible transition from male to transgender female has been a process.
Wow, much like Colorforms fun. I mean really, it’s been just like that. Remember the Colorform toy kits?
Well, I had a few of them!
The first one was the “Weight Loss Recovery” kit.
Then there was the “Becoming a Papi Chulo and Discovering Your P%*$s” kit.
Then the “Latina Healthy Cooking Show Chef and Host” kit!
Now I am working and playing with the “ I Feel More Complete as a Female; The MTF Transgender” kit. The  Puerto Rican Latina version!

That’s really what my life feels like. As I grow, as I become more and more aware and InTouch with myself, the universe hands me a new “Colorform” Kit to play with!
Move around the clothes, body structure and props to suit my awareness, desires and preferences at this time of my life!
I am going with the flow, as resisting will only bring me down and delay my process. In becoming a transgender person, I am certainly sailing at my own pace.
If you’d like, watch my most current video as I go through my steps of enlightment.

From coming out of the despair of overeating, obesity and other maladies to the blossoming of Gay Latino-ism, to Fierce Cooking Show-ism, to other fun “Isms”, I am in it to win it.
What am I winning?
Self-respect, dignity and my “fully hoping to become the best healthy Latina transgender cooking show chef AND host in the United States!
To love me, is to watch my videos, try my recipes follow me on Instagram, Twitter and the like!
Love you, bye!

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