My Facial Feminization Surgery With Facial Team

My Facial Feminization Surgery With Facial Team

My Facial feminization experience with Facial team in Marbella Spain

Holas all!

Wow, it’s been an amazing summer.

It’s been 3 weeks since I have returned from Marbella, Spain from my surgery to Soraya-ize my face!

When I started doing the cooking show and embodying and embracing the persona and energy of The Queen of Healthy Latin cooking, I realized that I was on to something really good and tasty.

The cooking show was a passion that required expression. I stuck my toe in the water and a step at a time, a stage at a time, I began to get in touch with the Soraya life! It was full of sparkle, fun, humor, truth, authenticity and awe.

I want to feel and look my best. Born male and taking the role and position of being la Reina de La Comida Saludable; I certainly wanted to represent the best Boricua, Latina version of Soraya!

Having had a full body life to feminize by soft and delicious body, it was time to also add some deliciousness to the features on my face.

Being hormone free till recently, I was working with a male face. Though I have achieved awesome results (I thank my mom and dad for that), I really wanted to get the best from my face and really dig into how I could represent my ethnic heritage and my Perez/Montalvo background as a female to the best extent possible.

I felt surgery would help me achieve that.

I had several consultations with surgeons located here in the US. Traveling abroad was not something I wanted to do initially.

That was until I met Dr. Simon at Facial Team.

Besides the fact that the live consultation was free, relaxed and accommodating to my schedule; Dr. Simon was a gentleman. He offered a caring, professional, informative and direct approach to the procedure to feminize my face.

He offered suggestions to work on my secondary aspect s which included facial hair removal and hair length. As well as the use of hormone therapy.

Dr. Simon was clear that his approach and concern was to address the hard tissue, the bone structure of my male face.

He wasn’t advising cheek implants, trachea shave and was not going to address any soft tissue concerns.

Other doctors were addressing both bone and soft tissue.

I did not understand at first why Facial Team was placing such an emphasis on bone only.

The other consults with surgeons included more procedures.

I didn’t understand at first as to why Facial Team was approaching feminization in this way.

However, after the consult I was won over. It made sense as I had addressed soft tissue previously and though it did make me look younger, I still had my male features.

Being under less surgery time with anesthesia made sense to me as well.

The staff on hand for the consult were genuine. The snacks and beverages provided was nice. All of this felt assuring, warm and caring.

There were real women there, who had surgery with Facial Team, looking like the women they envisioned being. That was nice too.

The fact That all three doctors, Dr Bellinga and Dr. Capitan are Spanish was assuring to me as a Latina. As a Puerto Rican whose heritage is very much based in the Spanish culture.

Also, their incision line, the hair transplant occurring at the same time, the price, but most of all the approach and demeanor of Dr. Simon and his staff felt really right for me.

So, I booked my slot and surgery occurred July 10th, 2017.

Here are two videos of my thoughts and experiences right before surgery and post op to day 6.

I had a wonderful experience with Facial Team. They became my friends. Honestly, I miss them and being in Spain.

It felt super comfortable and right!

I’m single and ready to travel and live in different places. I would certainly consider Spain for living and career!

Everything and everyone looked super scrumptious there!

What a delicious experience!

It’s been 30 days since surgery and I am healing a day at a time.

Thanks, Facial Team!

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