Herbs for Transitioning: Transgender Herbs For Latin Cooking

Herbs for Transitioning: Transgender Herbs For Latin Cooking

Herbal or Synthetic?

The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking

Seeks Her Special HRT Recipe!

Holas boys and girls!

Yes, my darlings, I am seeking the best way for me to embark on my HRT journey.

I have been doing research for a number of years on hormone replacement therapy, especially on MTF.

Some factors I looked forward to was actual feminization. Increased buts and buttocks and more soft, feminine facial features.

What I didn’t want was lost of libido that for me is already super low.

More of my concern was the thought of loss of functionality for Mr. Jimmy!

That’s my penis I am referring to!

I mean, he’s all I know!

Personally, I like him a lot. He’s not very big, but a descent serving when excited. He adorable since I had him circumcised at 16 years of age.

It was as if he had gotten a facelift. “He” went from looking like Jimmy Durante to looking like Ricky Martin!

Really the doctor did an amazing job to my little “head lift!’

In making my decision to feminize and transition, I thought that my body lift, natural breast augmentation with my own skin, fat tissue as well as Brazilian butt lift would be enough.

It is and I look great physically.

I will soon embark on my facial feminization with The Facial Team in Spain. There I will have my forehead reconstructed, rhinoplasty, lip lift, jaw and chin contouring. Also having my hairline transplanted to a fabulous Marilyn Monroe widows peak to the side action!

All that will definitely place me where I want to be. Looking and scenting off total Latina fever femininity.

However, my surgeon suggested that taking hormones will maximize the surgery, and my investment.

In reality, I am dealing with my gender dysphoria and my goal is to see all of me, Soraya Sobreidad, The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking, a Latina Puerto Rican woman; I want to see herin all her glory, feel her too, every day when I wake up. With or without make up.

I am her, and my desire is to see the feminine beauty I have so far extracted through face taping and make up.

Naturally and effortlessly.

My body is pointing true north now. The best body I have had. I have buttocks. Never had them. My inner thighs don’t flap with wrinkled loose skin from weight loss. My arms are much tighter, No longer have “bat wings!”

I feel like I can walk around naked! Comfortably. The body is so fem. Now I’d like my face to match that. Hence the facial feminization.

I felt the surgical procedures would be enough. However, my skin and pores on my face, my oily skin and my body and facial hair need some help.

Flawless? I don’t think so. I am 58 and though I feel amazing in my body, my face without taping and make up is still male.

Facial feminization will be a big help.

I’ve decided to take hormones because I want a heightened experience.

My testosterone levels are low for a cis-male, and my estrogen is higher than normal.

I want to love as a woman and I want my hormone levels to reflect that.


Even if it means the loss of functionality with “Mr. Jimmy!”

So this will be a blog of my decisions on what to take: herbs or synthetic.

I will take measurements, and take pictures. I will post my pictures from Facial Team’s work as I move forward.

So here we go….


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