Caitlyn Jenner Is My New Madonna

Holas my darlings!

To really understand what I mean when I say that Caitlyn Jenner is now MY new Madonna, understand this…

As a young man struggling to find my heritage, culture, sexual orientation and identity, Madonna’s influence in gay culture through her medium of song and dance, inspired and guided me.


Decades of evolvement in becoming The Queen Of Healthy Latin Cooking, I see Caitlyn Jenner was a brewing beauty right alongside me.

Today I can say I have been in the presence of The Madonna and right alongside the “Right-On-Ism” of my new role model, Ms. Cailtlyn Jenner.

When I met Caitlyn Jenner at her book signing, I was smitten. I communicated to her that I was the first transgender chef on Food Network’s Chopped show. Reviewed in The New York Times. Reviewed in The Daily News in the English and Spanish editions. Filming a cooking show with a plastic Flip camcorder. Winning a business plan award for my cooking show from The Queens Economic Developmental Center and Citibank. Making my vision a reality and standing right alongside her in a photo.

She said we had to be the first and clinched her fist in the air and said, “Right On!”

Embedded in memory forever like the YouTube video below!

Before that wonderful interchange, I meet the beautiful Cassandra Cass! It was awesome. Casandra who is an actress and role model for me in many documentaries and on the current reality show, “Strut” on Oxygen. The show is a Whoopi Goldberg production.

I’m in heaven my dears! The pictures in this blog prove it!

I have always been drawn to where it’s authentic, warm and beautiful.

Watch my video below to fully understand my enlightening comparison of these two beautiful and powerful women. Donna Summer helps me too in allowing me to be “The Woman In Me.”


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