My Best and Sexiest Gluten-Free Pupusa Recipe Ever!

Bam, Pow, Wow!

I am using those terms as my first love, well one of the first, Adam West has passed. I loved Batman and Robin. Robin was a cutie in those tights. I am a leg girl. I love legs, thighs, and wings. White meat too!

This week in Soraya Sobreidad news is that I recorded my first cooking show in my new crib and digs in Long Beach California! Hooray! Go west, life is cleaner there, lots of open air! Yes, and it’s true and I’ve opened myself up from getting ready to be ready to now feeling super comfy and very ever ready in getting my cooking show groove on.

Mira eso!

The recipe is for Pupusas. Pupusas is originally from El Salvador, so I heard. However, the Pupusa is to me, an extension of my Tortitas De Maiz which are corn flour fritters which for Americianos can be hush puppies!

Now boys and girls, I love everything corn. More on the flour side of course than actual corn itself. Wetson’s back in the day had a terrific hush puppy that was amazing. Since then I was hooked on the feeling of that delicious corn patty fried and seasoned just right. Then corn batter on my fried shrimp, or any fish for that matter. Yummy!

Then there’s corn bread. Who doesn’t love corn bread? I make a super mean, super lean and healthy  Diana Ross Upside Down and All Around Peach Cornbread that is out of this mundo. De Vera!

Moving here to California I have seen some food stands with Pupusas. I guess in my cooking subconscious mind the Pupusas sat there and in perfecting my plantain pancake “cosa” I came up with the Pupusa “thing”!

To me, my Pupusa is an extra freakin’ large Tortita De Maiz!

So that’s what this recipe is. It’s My Puerto Rican, Salvadorian, Mexican, Proud to Be American and Transitioning to Fully Hoping To Become The Tastiest Pupusa (Woman) In The World recipe!

So, sit back boys and girls and watch my Soraya Sobreidad super tasty recipe of Latin Pupusas, topped with soy cheese and an ice cold Salmon salad!

Yeah Pupusa team!

Love yourself and be yourself.

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