Gluten free for me, Soraya Sobreidad, The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking and what it means.

Holas my darlings!

Just wanted to check in a little bit and talk about gluten free.

I can only talk to you about my body and my nutrition. As well as the factors in why I choose to go as gluten free as possible.

The reason is that I do have a particularly allergy to sugar.

Eating any amount of sugar really kicks up a craving in me.

I have done tons of sugar in the past.

As I eliminated processed sugar, I began to feel better and was not over eating. My craving of sugar was at a minimum.

The consumption of wheat products, especially refined and process wheat was also a concern.

I was much better able to handle whole wheat, whole grain products as opposed to white processed flour which turns into sugar in my body.

When I was introduced to gluten free options, I decided to test for celiac disease.

The results were negative.

That’s’ awesome. However. A gluten free diet intrigued me very much.

Enough to say that for me and my sexy, Puerto Rican, now transgender body, I prefer cooking and eating gluten free.

I have grown up most of my life eating gluten.

Why not give MY body a rest and ease up on gluten?

Plus, I like challenges. I feel as a healthy Latin cooking Puerto Rican chef, to make and perfect an awesome empanada recipe that is low fat, (no pork or beef) and gluten free and not fried is really an example of creative and skillful cooking.

I like setting new standards.

I live for diversity. I like keeping my “kitchen doors” and pantry wide open for anyone to enter and enjoy my recipes and cuisine, comfortably.

If you have celiac disease, my emapnadas will suit you wonderfully.

If you don’t, you can still enjoy them.

Gluten free is a step up in my healthy Latin cooking style and technique.

I feel much better about the treatment of my body if I attempt to cook and eat as gluten free as possible.

Most of what I consume on every level and meal is home cooked. My appetizers, my main dishes and desserts.

All as gluten free as possible.

Time to time I have my full on whole gain G&G Scandinavian Crisp Breads, I may have whole wheat pasta and whole grain light bread.

No biggie!

I do enjoy the adventure and creativity in cooking traditional Puerto Rican white flour dependent recipes gluten free, my darlings!

I wish you all the tastiest of morsels today and every day!

Below are some cool recipes you can try!

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Soraya’s Papi Gluten Free Three Turkey Empanadas

Relleno De Papa ( As prepared on Food Network’s “Chopped”)

Puerto Rican Corn Fritters with Tuna Salad and Soy Cheese!

Soraya’s Puerto Rican Gluten Free Pupusas Recipe

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