Soraya Sobreidad is the The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking.

With 28 years of magical weight loss and maintenance under her tight mini, Soraya has created dynamic and

delicious healthy spins on traditional Puerto Rican Cuisine!

With compassion, nutrition, wellness and laughter as her staple ingredients, Soraya creates vegan/flexitarian, low sugar and gluten/dairy- free dishes that are out of this telemundo!

Maintaining her authentic, Latin, Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen flavor, Soraya’s dishes are bound to please! You won’t believe that her Puerto Rican dishes are low fat, dairy and gluten free and absent of artificial colors and flavorings, yet still delicious!

One taste and a view of your chef Soraya Sobreidad, and you will be transported to a land of wholesome meals, prepared with mucho love and feminine allure!

Soraya was the first transgender woman to compete on Food Network’s Chopped show. The first Latin transgender chef on the Kitchensurfing dining site. She was the star of the NY1 News Video Star contest, reviewed in The Daily News, The New York Times and featured on PBS’ documentary, Latinos of NY/NJ.

A YouTube sensation, a charted dance music producer and songwriter and the winner of the Queens Economic Development/ Citibank Innovative Business Plan award for 2014.

Soraya is a contributor to her local communities by providing healthy Latin cooking workshops in libraries.

Soraya is now a Los Angeles, California resident offering dinner parties at her swanky little home

In Long Beach.

Be prepared to dine with The Queen as she prepares her healthy takes to traditional Latin cuisine just for you!

She will nourish your hungry soul whilst singing Donna Summer tunes and then asking you to join her in a little disco hustle!

In Soraya’s world, life is tasty, healthy  and fun!

Here is our seasonal menu:



Croquetas de Berenjena (eggplant croquettes)

Main Dish:

Soraya’s Deep-Dish Squash, vegan beef, pigeon pea Puerto Rican Gluten Free ‘Meat” Pie served with white basmati rice.


Soraya’s Papi Pastelon  (veagn beef, gluten/dairy free Puerto Rican Lasagana)

Sautéed brussel sprouts, salad


Soraya’s Gluten/dairy free, low sugar Tembleque (Coconut pudding)

Coffee, tea, sparkling water.




Tortitas de Maiz (corn meal fritters) with vegan “fish” salad and dairy free shredded yellow cheese.

Puerto Rican Pasteles filled with smoked and spicy vegan beef.

Arroz y Gandules (golden rice and peas) seasoned with veagn ham and chicken.

Vegetarian pork sausage


Potato Salad

Fresh Green Salad


Classic Vegan Puerto Rican Coconut Rice Pudding


Besitos De Coco (coconut macaroons)

Holiday Papo Coquito (Puerto Rican coconut dairy free egg nog)

Coffee, tea, sparking water.

Prices upon request









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