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Watch my fun and tasty above video to my dairy free, low sugar, gluten free ice cream recipe!

I perfect each recipe. Transforming traditional recipes into gluten free, dairy free and low sugar prizes.

I love food, love to eat and I love to cook! Therefore I create my meals within the guidelines and preferences that work best for me and my body. I love ice cream, so I developed a pumpkin based version that is out of this world!

I do not miss sugar or animal milk at all. My Tembleques, my gluten free/dairy/sugar free pies!

My ice cream recipes are really delicious and healthy!

Besitos De Coco which are Puerto Rican Macroons,

are hotter and tastier than Ricky Martin!

(I think!)

If you’d like personal or  group setting instruction on my Healthy Latin Cooking techniques feel free to Contact Us here at Soraya Sobreidad’s Fierce Cooking Show for our Healthy Cooking Classes!

My classes are really fun with an upbeat style.  You get hands on guidance to on meal preparation and food nurturing. Presented in a healthy, non judgmental, open environment.

Sign up and we’ll cook together soon!

My delicious, dark and sexy chocolate gluten/sugar/dairy free pumpkin based pie, pumpkin based dairy free ice cream and my Puerto Rican Besitos De Coco!

famoous gluten free chocolate pie

suash plantain dairy free ice cream

sqash pumpkin ice cream


My pumpkin dairy free, gluten free, sugar free ice cream! Right out of the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker! Wow! Looks like healthy art sculpture!

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