Body Contouring and Feeling Happy

Body Contouring and Feeling Happy!


I hope all of you are doing well and happy,

Happiness is so important for me.

I remember early on what made me happy.

It was simple things.

There is a photograph of me playing with a measuring cup set. I was playing with it as it were a toy! The cups were small saucepans designed to be used as measuring cups. They came with little lids.

I can say from “weigh” back then, I had an interest in cooking. An interest in kitchen utensils, kitchen activity. I had a love for the kitchen and the love for creating and enjoying delicious food.

What made me happy was being a part of the energy in the kitchen. Seeing my mom, sisters, aunts and grandmothers creating and experimenting with recipes.

There is a food memory that feels like yesterday. Though I was maybe 7 years old, maybe younger. It was of my beautiful and kind cousin Iris, sitting me down to feed me a luscious and aromatic plate of superb white rice cooked to perfection along with a tasty and flavorful side of red kidney beans. Stewed totally Puerto Rican style!

Goodness, I remember the feeling of happiness I had. Not only was the meal delicious and pure Puerto Rican heaven, but there was also the visual. My gazing up at my cousin Iris. She was a stunning Latina. Beautiful complexion. Gorgeous, kind and an awesome cook. I was in happiness heaven. The food was so delicious. Comforting, nurturing.

My cousin Iris was healthy in weight, curvaceous, creative and an awesome cook.

This experience stuck in my mind. Besides the fact that someone beautiful was feeding me such delicious food! It was that this fabulous cook was beautiful and at a normal weight.

I have heard it said that many prefer and trust the skills of a chef who is a bit “pudgy!”

Much of my happiness has come from food. Eating it, preparing it. However, I did suffer from emotional eating and its consequences.

I am glad that decades later, I can derive my same happiness and pleasure form the eating and preparing of food in super healthy, super fabulous and super desirable ways!  I now experience other “happiness factors.” For example, the joy of shedding the excess weight. Happiness from maintaining a healthy weight. Happiness from releasing the need to smoke nicotine. Happiness from refraining easily from alcohol consumption. That’s a big start! From this foundation, there are many other things that make me happy.

Facing and enjoying life on life’s terms. Not perfectly of course.

I do remember my past. I can recall my coping skills. I am much happier staying in touch with what my true needs are. Giving myself the gift of a healthy body with weight proportion.

Further gifts have been the opportunity to have body contouring surgery.

This has helped to remove and tighten loose skin that has occurred from yo-yo dieting.

This has been quite recent and I am so happy with the way I feel.

Getting to this point has evolved over three decades, or more.

I feel so happy and connected to my body. The gender identity aspect of my process  is now being addressed.

The capsules of moments, minutes and hours and days, weeks, months, years that I experienced with the beautiful power of examples of my childhood past have surely molded my preferences.

It’s funny, I reflect at times on how many relatives and friend have “pre-pointed” me to exactly where I am today!

Maybe it was obvious to many that I had my “Soraya” demeanor all along!

I am happy to come to my awareness at my own pace and time.

Close to 60 years of age I am. It does take as long as it takes.

I am really happy right now form my body contouring surgery with feminization.

In a few months, I will be addressing my facial feminization. I am really HAPPY about that too.

Glad that I am aware of the internal factors that can make me happier and happier.

I feel so much more relaxed. I can see shortcomings being lifted. Aware of new ones too.

New experiences, new desires. New friends, new interactions.

All good. All wonderful. All these experiences make me really happy.

I wish you the same.



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