Want to learn how to cook healthy Latin meals? I can assist you with my fun and fabulous cooking classes!

I have group classes here in my new cocina in Long Beach CA. We will do a full course meal. I will include all ingredients and provide you with printed menus.

My winter menu includes:

Puerto Rican Classic Guineo Pasteles with my veagn beef filling and

Arroz y Gandules.

Dessert is Tembleque OR my gluten free crustless Pumpkin Pecan Pie!

Served with a side salad and cooked vegetables.

Bottled water, Diet Kola Champagne, Diet Coco Rico seltzer will be served.

Wines can also be served for an added fee.

This recipe instruction is a classic experience!

Running time is approximately 3 hours.


$95.00 per person.

Other menus can be provided. Full attention placed  to your dietary needs.

You will  have a great time wiggling, giggling and cooking with Chef Soraya!

Contact me for dates and book your session!

Deposits for healthy cooking classes

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