Winning Isn’t Everything, But It Does Make Me Prettier!

Winning Isn’t Everything, But It Does Make Me Prettier!

A Transgender Woman’s Gratitude List.


My name is Soraya Sobreidad. I am The Queen Of healthy Latin Cooking!

I have a very dear and handsome friend. A new friend who is really a hard worker. I haven’t known him for long, but I can hear and see that he is quite “the mover and shaker!’

Somewhat like myself, I consider.

It is important to me personally, that folks like me are visible in the world.

First it was my desire to see other successful Puerto Ricans. Striving, thriving and doing more than just surviving.

I obtained my college degree in business management and audio recording. Started my record label. Even before that, as it seems like worlds ago, I did create the top retail record store in Long Island. As well as being the “ badest ass’ “mofoqing” butch Queen DJ in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Really, the record store and DJing was Pink Champale and Church’s Fried Chicken days!!!

Seems so far away….

The point is that I always kept striving. Was there a need to prove something? Of course. My desire was to show that I could have, that I could be visible and just as talented and educated as the next person.

Media then and now, even more, shapes our beliefs. Back in the 70’s, 80’s 90’s to see a young Latino with his own legit, drug free and drama free business was not so common.

Goodness knows I took a lot of heat from store owner/neighbors for them thinking that I was selling drugs from my fabulous clean and sparkly record stores!

Nope! There may been was lots of chicken bone remains and empty bottles of “ the bubbly” but no drugs or drug selling.

Focus, girl, focus!

So here I am turning into a woman! Is there something to prove, no. Is there another level of enlightenment to my being? Yes.

Just like my desire to be the best fashion designer and illustrator artist, to DJ to record store owner, to indie dance label, to cooking show, chef, host, persona and transgender woman, I just want to be the best me there is.

It took three long hard tries to win the QEDC Business Plan award.

Stepping up as a man emulating a Latina woman, wasn’t tough per se.

I had to give birth and presence to a creative and business vision.

I share all this so that others can see it’s not always about winning. I just want to see somebody like me in the mix.

Somebody gay and Puerto Rican succeeding with his own small business. Competing with other DJ’s at Wyandanch Park, NY. Expressing my love for the disco mix, blends and some cutting.

Then opening a store. A cool record store and bringing you the latest and that greatest.

Then starting a cool very LGBT indie dance label and letting you know “The Devil Made me Buy This Dress’ and “I Don’t Want 2 Be Alone” and my suggestion to “Free Yourself.” These three titles and singles were licensed to labels besides my own and charted in Billboard Magazine, yo!

Now it’s Soraya Sobreidad’s “FIERCE” Cooking Show!

First transgender on Food Network’s “Chopped” Show. Reviewed in The New York Times, The Daily News, Latinos of NY-NJ on PBS. As well as winning the QEDC Citibank business plan award.

Terrific stuff.

Inch by inch is a cinch. Yard by yard is hard, honey!

I am super grateful to be where I am. Eating healthy, sober, smoke free. In a new land. Really so brand new. I am loving it.

Turning “prettier and prettier” in my own way and time.

I am super grateful for the new and the not so new. My friends on both coasts. Grateful for being so guided and looked after always.

Keep on keeping on Brody. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, baby!


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