10 week Post Op Circumferential Body Lift Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Holas Friends!

I am 10 week post op from my body lift from weight loss surgery. In this wonderful age of recycling, Dr. Siamak Agha really put my tissue, fat and excess skin to wonderful use!
I am more of the woman in me and always, The Queen Of Healthy Latin Cooking!

I had a circumferential body lift, a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, upper arm and inner thigh lift. Breast lift and breast augmentation with fat transfer, grafting!

I m healing but can now fully dress and get back to filming my YouTube and cooking show videos.

I am so grateful for a dear friend who came to stay with me while I was healing. What a angel he is!

Plus a new friend in Long Beach was there for me on nights I felt alone and well, lonely!

I am making new friends in Long Beach. I am getting ready to be ready to take off with my cooking show and to offer my healthy Latin cooking here in California. A food truck and restaurant would be awesome!

Talk to you soon!


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