Holas! I have a really strong entrepreneur side. As well as a wide chromosome range! Anyways, I opened up my first business when I was 19. It was my record store located in Wyandanch Long Island.

I was a DJ at the age of 15 and still am. I amassed a huge collection of rare vinyl records. I know sell my private collection on Ebay. The store is going through upgrades. I have many titles that are not yest listed on my store. They will be soon.

Goodness in this “past life” I “battled” other DJ’s in public parks. Back in the day, that’s just how things were. It was so much fun. I never lost a battle!

Oh I had so much fun. My store ended up being a Billboard Magazine reporting retail outlet. The first in Long Island!

I had well known rappers like Eric B. and Rakim, Redman, LL Cool J and EPMD shop at my store!

EPMD even gave me a Gold Record Plaque as a thank you for selling their music!

 I specialize in disco, house, and R&B!

12″ Singles, 7″ 45 rpm singles, LPs and other music memorabilia.

Rock, Pop, Latin, Disco, House, classic Hip Hop and R&B

Promos, special mixes, lots of goodies.

We accept Paypal and ship worldwide!

Check it out!




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