Holas my darling!

What’s my story?

Wow, I can tell you that my “becoming a full-fledged Healthy Latin Cooking Queen” has been a lovely process!

I am evolving all the time!

Let’s see. I was born male. Hardworking Puerto Rican family. A family that takes pride in entrepreneurship. A family with a love for cooking and a HUGE LOVE for FOOD!

I was a food loving, music loving, creative young boy.

I quickly turned into a young foodie with a strong love for sugar, fried foods and Diana Ross and The Supremes!

Singing opera tunes in our Brownsville NY kitchen, I escaped into comic books, music, and art! I was also a witness to the process of delicious Latin cooking from our kitchen!

I could not believe all the delicious foods and recipes. Prepared with so much love by woman more beautiful than Diana Ross!

I loved the experience. Beauty, good food and unconditional love.

What a meal!

I was really into the cooking, the food, the candy, the cakes, the high fat and white flour foods.

I became overweight quickly!

My struggle with obesity and overeating started to become an issue.

By 12 years of age I was joining weight loss clubs to address my weight.

I started experimenting with Weight Watchers recipes to learn healthy cooking techniques.

I tried other methods to control my weight. Diet pills, gadgets, protein drinks, the grapefruit diet and all the other weight loss clubs.

Jack LaLanne and Charles Atlas could not help me transform into the healthy weight boy I wanted to desperately be!

Weight Watchers worked from time to time. Jean Nidetch was inspirational to me from a young age.

My mom also struggled with obesity. We were “diet buddies” and offered each other support in the weight loss process.

It was a yo yo syndrome with my weight.

This up and down weight issue continued to my late twenties.

Fast forward, I came to terms with factors that slowly gave me the confidence and drive to lose weight.

I accepted my being Gay. That was huge. Coming out to my friends, society and family helped me to love myself enough to start on a more serious level on my weight loss journey!

I continued to blossom through self-acceptance.

My dependency to sugar, alcohol, overeating and nicotine, started to diminish.

I gained more and more momentum in my techniques to release extra weight and maintain my weight loss.

I continued to “grow” with confidence and self-esteem!

My creativity lead to an inspiration and desire to start a cooking show in drag as Soraya Sobreidad!

In a short time, I encountered so much success doing my idea.

I realized that my gender identity was evolving. I began to accept that I was much more than a man in a dress.

That my deeper self is indeed feminine. Feminine to the level of desiring to live and present myself as a transgender person!

Life is an evolution!

I hope I can help you with my Puerto Rican healthy cooking recipes.

My focus is to explain in a simple way how

I made my dietary transition into healthy eating and cooking.

I have developed traditional Puerto Rican Latin recipes into gluten free, sugar free and diary free scrumptious meals!

I hope you come back to my website and enjoy my healthy Latin recipes and join me in my transformation to become more and more The Fabulous Puerto Rican Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking!

Gracias and thank you!


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