My Transgender Healthy Latin Cooking Show 8 Minutes of Progress

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Holas my darlings!

Here is a video montage of the progress of my Transgender Healthy Latin Cooking Show!

When I started the show in 2009, I was simply experimenting with the creative idea of presenting myself as a healthy Latin cooking chef in a female persona.

I was expressing “creative juices” for the enjoyment, education and the celebratory style of cooking and enjoying Puerto Rican food; healthy.

Being a proud Puerto Rican and grateful for finding techniques that allowed me to lose 80 lbs, and maintain my weight loss,  I approached the becoming of “Soraya Sobreidad’ with joy.

Embodying Soraya has been fulfilling. Enough so to live as her. On and off the camera, a day at a time.

I hope this  expresses my passion for being the Latina in me. as well as the pride in being Puerto Rican. Gratitude for  coming from a family that fostered my personal values and love for delicious cooking and eating.

I hope this video displays all my interests. They include art, fashion, music, singing, cooking and love of family and self.

My intention is that you enjoy  and benefit from my contribution to the love of cooking and being a proud transgender Puerto Rican Latina.

8 Minutes of Progress My Healthy Latin Transgender Cooking Show


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