My Circumferential Body Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Adventure

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My Circumferential Body Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Adventure!
That’s right! Me, Soraya Sobreidad, The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking has gotten a full body lift! I had an arm lift, inner thigh lift, upper and lower Circumferential Body lift and buttock augmentation! Whew!
This Valentine’s Day, February 14th will be three months since having the surgery! I have wanted the surgery for about 17 years!
Losing and gaining hundreds of pounds in my overeating Puerto Rican lifetime contributed to a lot of excess and loose skin.
In my clothes, I look super sexy, but I felt what my body looked like nude did not match what I looked like with undergarments, girdles and such.
Sure, lots of fine men wanted to be with me, get to know me, The Queen of Healthy Latin cooking, but I did not feel as sexy as I do naked.
Lets be real, I had excess skin. Lots of it.
Being obese as a child and an adult with yo yo dieting, did cause damage to my physical self and my esteem.
I was not as “free” in my body as I wanted.
The excess skin really impacted me socially and sexually. My self-image was impacted by a Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
On top of that was gender dysphoria too.
Honey, I decided to set myself even more free and get the surgery!
Like why not?
I listed to my inner core and it lead me to a fabulous surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha!
He’s in Costa Mesa California.
So I gathered my “Papi Food Processor” and my Cuisinart pots, pans, Ice cream maker, skillet and clothes and Mac cosmetics and came here to Long Beach, California!
Fo a new life with a new body made possible by MY FUNDS and the gentle, artistic and well trained hands of my surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha!
He did an awesome job.
Ohh, he used my fat and tissue and game me my own sexy buttock and breasts to shake on my cooking show!
If you have seen my show, you know how I just love being a Trans woman and shaking my stuff! I really do! Comes so natural for me. I do thank God for that.
Now, my body is real! I am no longer a Velveteen Rabbit, or a middle aged Little Mermaid wanting to be a human to have a more successful cooking show, restaurant and husband!
I have a wonderful, delicious set of natural breasts and buttocks that are mine, all mine.
Dr. Siamak Agha used my tissue and fat and sculptured me, The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking to a new DIVA!
I want to thank my friend Bee, for coming to California and staying with me before and after surgery. What a friend!
I am a luck DIVA. I’m truly blessed!
I have lost and maintained an 80 lbs, weight loss AND to have the Circumferential Body Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is a true gift!
I can’t wait for the swelling to go down. I am loving my process of becoming. Having the courage to go this route of allowing myself to have more comfort in my body is really helping me.
I plan to address the feminization of my facial features to really solidify where I am in this time of my life.
I am including Instagram photos Dr. Siamak posted. Check my YouTube channel and see my progress.
I have been slow to post new videos, however, now that I am feeling better I will be up and about with new episodes of Soraya Sobreidad’s “FIERCE” Cooking Show!
Stay positive, healthy and sexy!

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