First Transgender Latina Chef on Food Network’s Chopped

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First Transgender Latina Chef on Food Network’s Chopped


My name is the super sexy, super fabulous and super desirable, Soraya Sobreidad!

As I continue in my work in developing and presenting the yummiest Latin recipes that are gluten/dairy free and low sugar, I come across all kinds of great news.

Being a transgender chef, I am looking to see if there are other trans chefs who are contributing to this great and fabulous world of cooking and eating!

I came across a trans male chef claiming to be the first trans chef to appear of Food Network’s Chopped show.

According to timelines, I may have been the first trans chef to compete and air.

I was on the show that aired in NY on February 4th 2014, if I am not mistaken.

Believe me, there’s no contest, as any LGBTQ/trans presence is vital and so important in this society and world.

Especially here in the United States. I mean politically with the presidential debates; I feel we are looking really silly to the world right now. Fights erupting at political rallies?

So sad.

There will be no fight as to who was the first trans chef On Food Network! No East coast versus west coast! Anyways, I did not come to the show as claiming to be trans.

I really came to the show as a Latin woman. That’s really how I feel when do my makeup, my hair and get dressed. The beautiful gender identity lives for me, in my thought and brain, not on what is located in my physical anatomy. As for others “classification” of me as cross dresser, that was never something I called myself. “Drag Queen” was termed by another writer and never by me. I don’t see myself as a drag queen or cross dresser.

I have certainly evolved into my awareness of my identity. I feel totally two spirited, transsexual, gender non-conforming.

Again, no battles, no fights! I am grateful to have had write ups in The New York Times and The Daily News. I was the winner of The Queens Economic Development Corporation business plan award for my healthy Latin cooking show. ( I think I am the first trans person to win that prestigious award!) My show is popular on YouTube and in NYC /Queens public access cable TV. In the cable airing, I think I am the only trans chef airing!

As a person with an eating disorder and fighting obesity from childhood, overeating kept my awareness of gender identity and “coming out” at a distance.

Through the development of gluten free/dairy free and low sugar Puerto Rican recipes, positive thinking and other lifestyle changes, i.e. diet, exercise, I lost 80 lbs and gained a Latin Diva Chef in the process!

Coming out as a trans person with an eating disorder, maintaining an 80 lb. weight loss for 27 years. I may be the first chef “coming out” that way. Then again, there is no fight, battle or debate here!

I have maintained my weight loss and continue on my adaptation of Latin recipes into healthier versions. As well as my personal transformation towards becoming more and more, The Queen of Healthy Latin Cooking!

Obesity is a national epidemic, especially in people of color communities, so my service in nutrition in my community is important. As is my presence as a person who is gender non-conforming and transsexual.

My career has also included being a LGBTQ music producer and DJ, influencing the NYC club scene in the 90’s with innovative trans themed dance tracks.

As a very creative entrepreneur, my intention is that I continue to contribute in a fun and tasty way to our society. To set an example that anyone can be what they want to be. That I can be healthy, fun to be around and feel really beautiful and happy.

I’d love for my show to broaden to a syndicated show. I’d love to have a cute “discofied” food truck where I can offer my yummy meals and TREATS. Legally! (LOL)

I am willing to work gracefully in having a super lovely restaurant where I can meet you and “serve” you

my delicious Latin creations. A place where everyone can come and dine in harmony and peace.

So there are no fights and battles and awful debates in the world TRANS CHEFISM and in the world of Soraya Sobreidad!

Please download the Ambitious Amateurs episode of Food Network’s Chopped on Amazon7427177 and iTunes!

See me in action, honey!

Please visit my website at for more of my recipes, cooking shows, healthy living tips and tricks!

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